Cheat sheet: Install ZFS file system on Ubuntu 14.04

This file system is perfect to be used in a NAS. You can check Why ZFS over EXT4 or other FS at the bottom of this article. Install ZFS Before we can start using ZFS, we need to install it. Simply add the repository to apt-get with the following command:

You should

Cheat sheet: Install Java on Odroid (Ubuntu server 14.04)

Download Java 8 for ARM hard fload (hard float means that the Odroid CPU can calculate floats by hardware not software):

Et voila !

Cheat sheet: Install Apache Ant on Odroid (Ubuntu server 14.04)

Download the necessary software from (


Cheat sheet: Use Ubuntu 14.04 as a Mac OS X Time Capsule

Step 1: Install Netatalk

Step 2: Configure /etc/nsswitch.conf locate the line that reads:

Add "mdns" at the end. You should have that:

Step 3: edit /etc/netatalk/AppleVolumes.default Check that you have:

Add a line in the shares like this:

For me it looks like this for user "stfb"

Step 4: add

Cheat sheet: Install a Windows network share server (SMB/CIFS) on Ubuntu server 14.04

Install samba

Configure sharings. Save your samba configuration:

Put the folowing into a new /etc/samba/smb.conf file

and modify - workgroup - server string - interface (put the IP of your NAS here if you want to restrict the samba listing interface) - the name of your sharings ([MOVIES], ...) and the path

Cheat sheet: Installing Owncloud on Ubuntu server 14.04

OwnCloud provides ready-to-deploy packages for popular Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat Enterprise Linux, CentOS and openSUSE. Refer to to get the right repo info. Below the quick install for Ubuntu server 14.04. Install the Owncloud repository for Ubuntu 14.04 on your system:

Add the repository key to apt

Then just update

CarPC Project (2004)

En 2004, après plus d’un an de tests intensifs, J'avais décide de partager mon expérience de construction d'un CarPC à travers un blog aujourd'hui disparu. J'ai repris dans ce blog les articles écris à l'époque. Vous le trouverez ici: Comment alimenter mon PC dans la voiture ? Comment fabriquer son alim maison ? Installation du CarPC dans