Angular 5 Admin dashboard template

There is a lot of angular dashboard seed projects out there. But they are stuffed with a lot of things that might be not necessary to start a project of your own. So I decided to do my own Angular dashboard lean seed project. This project was scaffolded with Angular CLI version 1.4.9. What's included

GPD Pocket Windows OS firmware and drivers

The GPD Pocket is a small handheld device from the GPD company out of HK. Here is their web site: Indiegogo page: Official forum of the GPD: Official GPD firmware download page: Reddit page: Windows Downloads: Click here to download the Windows 10 OS firmware (You can click on "Valider et télécharger le fichier" to

Cheat sheet: How to create a bootable USB key on Mac OS X for Ubuntu / Debian

Open a terminal. BEFORE inserting the USB key, check which disks are available:

You should see one or more disks installed on your system like this:

Insert the USB key. Do a "diskutil list" again. You should see one more disk. This is your USB key. Let's assume it is /dev/disk2. First we need