Cheat sheet: Install a Windows network share server (SMB/CIFS) on Ubuntu server 14.04

  1. Install samba
  2. Configure sharings.
    Save your samba configuration:
    Put the folowing into a new /etc/samba/smb.conf file
    and modify
    – workgroup
    – server string
    – interface (put the IP of your NAS here if you want to restrict the samba listing interface)
    – the name of your sharings ([MOVIES], …) and the path inside them.
  3. Restart samba to make it take into account the configuration
  4. Add users to access the shares (note that the default passdb backends require the user to already exist in the system password file (usually /etc/passwd), else the request to add the user will fail.)
  5. You should be able to connect to your shared folders from a Windows/Linux computer using user <username>.

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